Drive sales & Grow your business
MyShop is one of many value added services provided by Etraction for all registered E-Com users. MyShop allows our customers to personalize their Etraction webpage by adding personal branding elements such as a company logo and colour scheme, which can be used by their sales personnel as an in-store sales and marketing aid.

Integrated Sales and Order placement process
From browsing, to buying and selling, MyShop allows Etraction customers, to demonstrate Etraction products to their customers, access technical specifications and product availability. As an added benefit the MyShop user is able to generate quotations for their customers, and convert those quotes into purchase orders.

Manage User Profiles
Your MyShop account comes with administrator privileges;

  • create as many user profiles as you like in your store
  • hide or display pricing to your customers at your discretion
  • track your sales personnel’s usage and sales of Etraction products
  • record sales for commission and incentive purposes

Not only does MyShop provide matchless point-of-sale assistance, it also allows our customers to participate in the many exciting in-store promotional opportunities and incentives on offer from Etraction. MyShop is just one of the ways in which Etraction delivers a superior customer experience.