Our Company

Etraction is a leading distributor of wheels & tyres in the Southern African Region, with a reach throughout the African continent.
We combine exceptional industry expertise & solid infrastructure with innovative technology to deliver a wide selection of quality wheel & tyre products to an extensive customer base of resellers, consisting of both independents and franchised outlets.

Our user-friendly online order portal allows for real-time transactions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fully integrated solution provides updated itemized Product information, Pricing and Special Offers enabling streamlined and paperless order processing, as well as end to end order tracking. Not only does the e-commerce portal allow customers to trade online, it also provides interactive functionality whereby customers can manage their accounts and transactions, view and download invoices and statements, all within a live environment. Special features include built-in intelligence systems which provide essential reporting and statistical tools to support informed decision making.

For unparalleled convenience and ease!

As a multi-product, multi-brand supplier of wheels, tyres and automotive components, Etraction carries a wide range of major brands, exclusive brands and specially developed private brands. We provide wheel and tyre solutions across the entire spectrum to a diverse and dynamic customer base. Our wide range of top quality products cover most vehicle applications including PLT, TBR, OTR, Industrial & Agricultural products.

As the largest independent wheel & tyre distributor in Southern Africa, Etraction is your number one choice!

Etraction has developed an outstanding business model based on flexible, efficient and scalable supply chain solutions. With solid logistics infrastructure and global reach as key advantages, we are able to offer a quick and cost-effective delivery system throughout the Southern Africa Region.

This is reliability and professionalism you can count on!

In our determination to participate in what can be described as a particularly challenging industry, plagued by unfavorable market dynamics and adverse economic conditions, Etraction has emerged, against all odds, as a market leader in the wheel and tyre industry.

From humble beginnings the company has, in the last 3 decades, grown by leaps and bounds. Today, Etraction stands out as a force to be reckoned with in the wheel and tyre industry.

Our market footprint has grown over the years and currently spans throughout the Southern African region. We have set our sights firmly on establishing a solid distribution network across the African continent and we have all the necessary mechanisms to achieve this goal.

Professional and proficient service delivery, combined with innovative product solutions means that we have the skills, expertise and market experience like no other on the African continent.

Operational Excellence
At Etraction, we’re all about innovative, out-of-the box thinking, strategic alliances and custom-designed state-of-the art technology.

The key to delivering on our promise of quick & reliable service is the seamless integration of in-depth industry knowledge and functional expertise with the tools and capabilities to support operational excellence on a global scale.

Customer Centric
We invest heavily in creating a customer experience like no other, with brand and product diversity, customer convenience & quick turn-around times as guiding factors. We rely on innovation, a highly effective global supply chain and strong strategic execution to deliver a unique customer experience.

We pride ourselves on offering a fully-fledged e-commerce solution. Our advanced online order portal streamlines account and order management, bringing a new dimension to service excellence.

One of the things which differentiates Etraction, is that we listen to our customers. We take customer input seriously and are not afraid to develop unconventional yet effective solutions for a diverse and dynamic customer base. This gives us a winning edge and a distinctive value proposition; as illustrated by the following unique mix of elements;

  • a multi-product / multi-brand offering at highly competitive prices,
  • 24/7 online ordering facility through our website,
  • instant & reliable online product support,
  • technical support through our user friendly learning portal or “tech-centre”,
  • fast and predictable delivery service so that goods arrive in-tact and on time,
  • professional logistics support in terms of both route planning as-well-as track and trace capabilities,
  • brand and marketing support.

BEE Status
By virtue of our recognition level in terms of the Broad-based black economic empowerment initiatives of the South African government, Etraction is one of the most preferred suppliers in the South African wheel and tyre industry and is thus a sought-after business partner.

Corporate Citizenship
At Etraction, we believe that we have a shared responsibility to do business in ways which respect, protect and benefit our customers, our employees and our communities. Our company ethos underlines our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen guided by the over-arching values of “trust and integrity”. This point of view has an impact on everything we do, both as a company and as individuals.

Supporting the communities in-which we live and work is crucial to our business. Our success in intrinsically tied to the well-being of the communities we serve and from which we draw talent, and the quality of the relationships we maintain with these diverse groups. Our CSR program is thus focused largely on enhancing our workplace and uplifting our local communities through a wide spectrum of poverty alleviation, health & educational initiatives.

The Future
At Etraction, we envision a bright future. One characterized by increased reliance on technology, greater market and product innovation, an increase in international trade and the concomitant increase in competition as a result of new entrants to existing markets.

As a professional and mature company, Etraction provides tangible value to its partners and guarantees time to market. We ensure that goods are moved quickly, efficiently and cost effectively leaving store owners and managers free to focus on the core function of their business.

We approach tomorrow with great enthusiasm and confidence. We continue to support our customers across all channels, helping to identify opportunities, and develop strategic and innovative solutions to serve the demands of a diverse market. In this way we endeavor to ensure sustainable growth for our organization, its employers, customers and others stakeholders.