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For unparalleled Convenience and Ease!
Our user-friendly online order portal allows for real-time transactions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fully integrated solution provides updated itemized Product information, Pricing and Special Offers enabling streamlined and paperless order processing, as well as end to end order tracking.  Not only does the e-commerce portal allow customers to trade online, it also provides interactive functionality whereby customers can manage their accounts and transactions, view and download invoices and statements, all within a live environment. Special features include built-in intelligence systems which provide essential reporting and statistical tools to support informed decision making.

Etraction’s e-commerce portal is designed to provide a personalized experience for each and every customer.

Account and order management has never been this easy. Etraction’s e-commerce portal has proven to be the most streamlined and effective means of doing business. Some of the most notable advantages include;

Streamlined Order Process an automated process that reduces the number of administrative tasks, saving customers time and significantly reducing errors in regards to order details, order tracking & delivery locations.

Instant Product Supporta clear overview of products by category, brand and size; stock availability, pricing, images and technical specifications, allowing customers to instantly explore options and easily determine requirements.

Effortless Account Management customers can view or download invoices and statements, manage payments and credit limits, and access their complete order history anytime, anywhere.

Reporting & Analysisto help our customers make better decisions, we embed a growing collection of reports, analytics, scorecards, dashboards and KPIs

Secure Online Transactions through the use of advanced security techniques, we are able assure our customers that their login credentials, company data and transaction history are fully secure.

Dedicated customer supportwhat’s more is that this online toolset is backed by a team of dedicated, friendly and well-trained contact centre staff who are available to provide telephonic assistance every step of the way.

We encourage our customers to use our e-commerce site to experience the convenience and ease of quick order processing, online order tracking and effortless account management.

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