Our Marketing

Etraction brings to the tyre industry an unprecedented level of marketing collaboration. The type of “sales synergy” we are able to generate can only be achieved through a uniquely customer centric approach. We are a results driven organization who goes the extra mile for our customers and partners.

“Our marketing philosophy is “Beyond B-to-B”
We see you, our customer, as the party responsible for the final and most important leg of the product journey. Our entire business model revolves around the objective of seeing our customers boost sales and maximize store profit. It is for this reason that Etraction’s marketing efforts extend beyond those of the run-of-the-mill tyre distributor.

At Etraction we view the relationship between ourselves and our customers as a partnership. When Etraction brings a new line into its product portfolio, we ensure that the brand is fully supported in the market in-which it is intended for distribution. Marketing strategies include brand development activity, store incentives, advertising and in-store support such as point of sale materials, product guides etc.

Etraction does it all!