Our Network

Delivering supply solutions for long term value!
Etraction operates internationally with a global network of suppliers, service providers and customers. In order to effectively manage time-to-market as a major customer priority, we tap into a substantial network of partners and available resources on a demand basis. In this way we adapt both our flexibility and scalability to our customer’s needs.

We constantly seek out suppliers and customers who will integrate easily into our extensive wheel and tyre network. Fulfilling our customers’ business needs with honesty, integrity and good judgment is our main priority in doing so. Our actions, when dealing with either customers or suppliers, are guided by a set of clearly defined principles which align with our corporate values.

Our Suppliers & Service Providers
We believe in solving tomorrow’s problems today. It is why we look for suppliers who are as committed to continuous innovation and improvement in products, services and processes. More importantly, we develop strong relationships with high-quality suppliers who adhere to ethical standards equivalent to our own global best practice principles. This means that every transaction is conducted with integrity while complying with all rules, laws and standards of conduct that apply to us in the many countries where we do business.

Our Customers
Whilst we are well known and highly regarded as a wheel and tyre distributor in South Africa, our customer network spans throughout the African continent. We serve diverse sales channels and we have over 3 decades built a massive customer base. Some of our most loyal customers have grown their businesses on the backbone of our stability and ability to provide good pricing, availability and service delivery

We envisage exponential growth in the foreseeable future. As a result of our commitment to valuable and strategic partnerships, our network is currently equipped to both augment and intensify our growth.